Thursday, July 12, 2012

Today I will set aside 10 minutes for me.

This is a good thought for me today as my calendar is packed until
midnight.  Now I will have to be creative to find a few moments for myself.
My sanity is at stake.  If I do not I become frantic and lose opportunities or create difficulties for myself.  How I  can take time for myself.

1. (30-60 seconds) I can close my eyes and focus on my favorite place at the beach, with waves crashing in and seagulls calling as they glide overhead.  Or, alternatively, picture a pastoral scene under a tree in the grass with the warm sun on my back and a fresh breeze in my face, next to a  bubbling brook with birds chirping in the tree and butterflies fluttering in the air.

2. (2-10 minutes) I can walk the length of the building in the sunshine, rhythmically swinging my arms, pumping a little Vitamin D  and fresh oxygen into my system.